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Our hair products are inspired by the people and world around us. We have beautiful, high quality hair that is designed especially for you. Look around our site and meet the people who make's Yop Beauty what it is today.

At Yop Beauty, our philosophy is to always give our customers sound advice and efficient service. We cater to everyone from competitive hair stylet to those who just like look their best. Our customers range from young womans to old
womans. Year round, we keep up with many designers and manufacture so our customers will have affordable hair products all year long form exclusive and premium hair vendors.

A good set of hair extensions can give you the look of your dreams.

Whether you’ve gotten a questionable haircut or just have hair that’s a little thinner than you’d like, a good set of hair extensions can give you the looks of your dreams. Choosing the right hair extensions is key, though. If you don’t get the right type, length, weight, and color, the hair extensions will look obvious rather than seamless. With so many faux tresses on the market, how do you find the right extensions for your hair? So if you'er ready to buy hair extensions? Take a look at Yop Beauty product list of some of our top recommendations.

Benefits of hair extensions
Unlike sewn or glued salon extensions, at-home hair extensions use clips or pins to attach to your natural hair, which means you can put in your extensions and take them out in a hurry. You can wear your extensions one day, then go
back to your natural hair the next.

No damage
With sewn or glued hair extensions, you can experience breakage and thinning. Clip-in extensions don’t cause any long-term damage to your natural hair.

Low maintenance
Clip-in extensions are easy to put in by yourself, so you don’t have to visit a salon to get your hair styled.

Types of hair extensions 
Full wefts
Most hair extensions are full sections of hair, known as wefts. Each set of hair extensions typically has a variety of wefts in different sizes, with some for the back of your head and others for the sides. Full wefts work best for adding
length and thickness to your hair.

Hair pieces
Some hair extensions are specific hair pieces to create certain styles. Ponytails and buns are the most common hair pieces, but you can also find clip-in bangs that instantly transform your look.

What to consider when buying hair extensions
Hair length Hair extensions are available in a variety of lengths, so you can create a wide range of looks. Shorter extensions typically work better for adding thickness.
10” to 12”: extensions hit above the shoulders.
14” to 16”: extensions hit between the top of the back and the bra strap.
18” to 20”: extensions hit between the mid- and lower back.
22” and longer: extensions hit the tailbone or lower for major drama.